If you have any questions in preparing your order, or are ready to place your order, please contact us.

Our salesperson will assist you to insure that your order is placed in the most cost efficient manner. All orders must be placed in advance and you will be notified of time for pickup or delivery.

Ordering Flooring: Carefully measure floor area to determine the number of square feet or square meters that need covering. Add 5% to account for trim waste and minor miscalculation. When ordering, please remember to consider all of the following:

  • Style – Bevel or square edge.
  • Width – Random or uniform.
  • Grade – Select & better, 1-common & better, or character.
  • Species – Oak, cherry, maple, ash, or poplar.

Ordering Molding: Please contact us for ordering assistance and consider the following:

  • Style – 25 standard profiles in stock.
  • Dimensions – Some styles come in several sizes.
  • Species – Oak, cherry, maple, and poplar.

Please note: there may be up to 5% overrun on any item ordered.